Kuch keh gaye Galib sahab

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Find few Mirza Galib shayari and it’s meaning.
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Certainly, Mirza Ghalib, a renowned Urdu and Persian poet, is known for his profound and thought-provoking shayari. Here are five of his shayari that are celebrated for their deep philosophical and future meaning:

1. "Hazaaron khwahishen aisi ke har khwahish par dum nikle, Bohat niklay mere armaan lekin phir bhi kam nikle."
   (Translation: Thousands of desires, each so intense that every desire takes my breath away, Many of my desires were fulfilled, yet I yearn for more.)

2. "Dil hi to hai na sang-o-khisht, dard se bhar na aaye kyun, roye gay hum hazar baar, ko khud apni khabar na aaye kyun."
   (Translation: It's just a heart, not made of stone or brick, why doesn't it fill with pain? I've cried a thousand times, why doesn't it realize its own condition?)

3. "Hui muddat ke 'Ghalib' mar gaya, par yaad aata hai vo har ik baat pe kehna ke yun hota to kya hota."
   (Translation: It's been a long time, Ghalib, since I died, but I remember saying on every incident, 'What would have happened if it had happened this way?')

4. "Khuda ke waaste parda na kaabe se utha, 'Ghalib', ye sach hai zeest ka andaz-e-kafir se."
   (Translation: For God's sake, do not lift the curtain from the Kaaba, Ghalib, the true essence of life is hidden from the unbeliever.)

5. "Hazaaron rang badalti hain zindagi ke safar mein, saath hi guzarte hain jo pal, woh yaad aate hain."
   (Translation: Life's journey changes in a thousand ways, but the moments spent together, those are the ones we remember.)

Mirza Ghalib's shayari is known for its timeless wisdom and reflection on the human condition, making it beloved by many.

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